A letter to the editor warns....."Just a reminder to our public officials in Hunterdon County and Raritan Township. We will be watching!!!"

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December 13, 2018

6:30 PM

153 Voorhees Corner Road, Flemington, NJ

The home of Joe & Lois Zarish

Please bring a dish to share

Appetizer ~ Entree ~ Dessert


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Can't understand why you are paying more in taxes while Gilbert-Kuhl for Raritan Township keep telling us they lowered taxes?

They raised taxes and cut spending on green space.

Makes sense why we have more housing and fast food chains but fewer services than ever.

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So your street didn't get fixed, but $1Million was spent to "repair" a bridge on KUHL RD.

A street that is predominantly used by the politically connected KUHL family, including the Republican Candidate Jeff KUHL.

Please enjoy the potholes on YOUR street! 

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